Final Program

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8:15 Breakfast    
9:00 Welcome    
(Seth Pugsley, Michael Ferdman)
9:20 Sangam: A Multi-component Core Cache Prefetcher
Mainak Chaudhuri, Nayan Deshmukh
pdf src slides new src
9:40 Accurately and Maximally Prefetching Spatial Data Access Patterns with Bingo
Mohammad Bakhshalipour, Mehran Shakerinava, Pejman Lotfi-Kamran, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad (presenter: Farid Samandi)
pdf src slides
10:00 T-SKID: Timing Skid Prefetcher
Tomoki Nakamura, Toru Koizumi, Yuya Degawa, Hidetsugu Irie, Shuichi Saka, Ryota Shioya
pdf src slides
10:20 Enhancing Signature Path Prefetching with Perceptron Prefetch Filtering
Eshan Bhatia, Gino Chacon, Elvira Teran, Daniel A. Jiménez, Paul Gratz
pdf src slides
10:40 Bouquet of Instruction Pointers: Instruction Pointer Classifier-based Hardware Prefetching    
Samuel Pakalapati, Biswabandan Panda
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11:00 Coffee Break    
11:20 Pangloss: a novel Markov chain prefetcher
Philippos Papaphilippou, Paul H. J. Kelly, Wayne Luk
pdf src slides
11:40 Berti: A Per-Page Best-Request-Time Delta Prefetcher
Alberto Ros
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12:00 Multi-Lookahead Offset Prefetching
Mehran Shakerinava, Mohammad Bakhshalipour, Pejman Lotfi-Kamran, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad (presenter: Farid Samandi)
pdf src slides
12:20 Closing Ceremony and Winner Awards    
(Seth Pugsley)
12:30 Lunch    

* Some authors provided updated versions of their source code after the official competition deadline. These updated versions are made available for the benefit of the community only and were not used in the selection of the workshop papers or ranking of the competition winners.