Software and Infrastructure


DPC3 will use the Champsim simulator, which was originally based off of the simulator used in DPC2, so it is straightforward to use prefetcher source code from DPC2 as a starting point for your DPC3 submission, if you choose. Champsim is available at:

We also recommend that you join the Champsim Google Group for support and to provide feedback about the simulator:!forum/champsim


DPC3 will use traces for SPEC CPU 2017 generated by Professor Daniel Jiménez, available at:

The SPEC CPU 2017 traces all begin with 6XX, not 4XX.

To evaluate the 1 core configuration, all SPEC CPU 2017 traces that have an LLC MPKI of at least 1.0, without any prefetching, listed on the above website will be used, without any weighting, running for 200 million instructions each, after a warmup of 50 million instructions. To evaluate the 4 core configuration, several random and undisclosed mixes of the same traces will be used, with each trace running for 200 million instructions after a warmup of 50 million instructions. The warmup and simulation instruction lengths will be controlled with he standard Champsim command line arguments.